Our Party

In Charlotte County, the Republican Party is the majority party with over 59,000 registered voters

Our county is divided into 67 precincts.

Each precinct has an elected Committeeman or Committeewoman. These elected officials make up the Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee which is the governing body of your local party.

It is the job of the Committeemen and Committeewomen to organize their precincts and work in the precinct to deliver the Republican vote. The importance of every Republican vote in Charlotte County becomes clear if you remember the Presidential election of 2000. George W. Bush won the state with a little over 500 votes. If Charlotte County had just turned out 20 additional votes in each of our 80 precincts those 1,600 votes would have given our President a clear national victory.

We invite all Republicans to join us in our continuing effort to build our party. We are a party who embraces all who believe in our principles of less taxes and smaller government.

We are working through our Teen Age Republican Students Organizations to expose high school students in Charlotte County to our party. Our Charlotte County Young Republicans Organization provides party participation after graduation from high school. Charlotte County is home to five very active Republican Clubs. Each of these clubs meets monthly and offer interesting speakers, information, and activities to help build the party.

We designed this site to provide you with useful information about our party and our activities. We will be updating the information frequently so check back often. If you have additional questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thank you for visiting and please sign up so it will be both fast and easy to send you information.

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