Are you ready to join the fight to take back our country and keep Florida Red.  The Charlotte County Republican Executive Committee needs you.  The CCREC is the formal leadership of the Republican Party in Charlotte County and consists of the the elected Committee men and Committee women from 67 Precincts, many of which are large and have more than one representative.  If you are ready to join the Executive Committee, please download and peruse the documents below  (scroll to bottom of page). If you would prefer to attend a meeting first to find out more contact us at ccrec@charlottegop.com or contact a member of our membership committee (see below) or you can volunteer. 

Membership Committee

      Becky Vandevelde (Chair) beckyvandevelde@gmail.com           317-918-0968

        Christine McNamara      cmdc12@yahoo.com                             419-303-2038

        Bill Folchi                            billfolchi@gmail.com                             941-505-8557

        Linda Smith                        captnair1986@gmail.com                   941-286-0274

        Sandy Funk                        quilterfunk@yahoo.com                      941-815-7340

        Marla Crane                       marlacrane@yahoo.com                      251-300-1047

        Dawn Koehler                   kewlaidmom@yahoo.com                  941-889-8633

        Barbara Makray               jcmakray@gmail.com                            814-233-9392

Download Membership Packet File Below: 


REC Membership Application Forms

Download File
Once the CCREC has received your application a member of the Membership Committee will advise you on next steps
When you download the file, the sytem will ask you to save it (usually in your "Download Files), and then you can open it from the location where you filed it.  If it won't open please check that you have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Once you fill in the application either mail it to ccrec@charlottegop.com or bring it to a​​​​​​​ meeting of the committe.

Please note that only Charlotte County registered Republicans are eligible to apply for Precinct seats in Charlotte County.  

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