The INTEGRITY of our voting process is paramount to our Democracy!

We need to ensure the process is protected.  You can be part of this process by being a poll watcher!

What is your responsibility?  Primarily over-see the poll staffers, while they cross off each voters name on the list.  We will be doing this in 4 hour shifts. 7-11, 11-3, 3-7.

The set of guidelines set by the State need to be followed:

  1. Must be a qualified and registered voter of the county, in which they serve as a poll watcher.
  2. Cannot be a candidate or a law enforcement officer.
  3. The poll watcher who is designated for a specific location is not precluded from going to another polling location.
  4. The poll watcher who is designated for "All Locations", is not permitted to be present while another poll watcher designated by the same political party is present.
  5. Will be provided a Poll Watcher Identification Badge by the Supervisor of Elections.  The poll watcher must wear their badge while in the polling area.
  6. Poll watcher must bring his or her own materials and necessities.
  7. Poll watcher Is allowed within the polling room to observe the conduct of the election. They may not obstruct the orderly conduct of the election.
  8. Poll watcher may observe the voter check-in process.  They may not come closer to the inspectors table than is reasonably necessary to perform the poll watcher's functions.
  9. They may not speak to or otherwise interact with voters.
  10. They may make and provide written voter challenges to the precinct clerk.
  11. They shall pose any questions regarding polling place procedures directly to the precinct clerk for resolution.

To sign up, please contact Bill Schmidt, 301-406-5429, wildbillws@hotmail.com.  and provide the following information:

Name, Date of Birth Residence, (Including Zip Code), Phone Number, Precinct #  (if you do not know you precinct number, we will look it up for you.), Time Slot, E-Mail Address.

Thank you in advance for your active participation!!  To volunteer click here.